Welcome to JiyinYiyong's homepage.

About me

I use @题叶 and @jiyinyiyong on the web. I make things with ClojureScript and work using TypeScript. I live in Shanghai.


I'm running several exploring projects:
  • Respo, a virtual DOM library
  • Cumulo, a tiny workflow for realtime apps
  • Cirru, structual code editing
  • Quamolit/phlox, some canvas works
  • Some of my tiny pieces can be found on:
    Meanwhile I'm also help maintaining some forums:


    I'm very interested in Functional Programming. My job is a Web developer. You may find me on Twitter and Weibo.
    Most of the time I'm joining React and ClojureScript communities, but we don't have a stable offline community yet.

    Year Reviews


    I have several blogs:
    I do sharings, mostly in Shanghai and related to React and ClojureScript. Sometimes to my friends, and sometimes for the company I work for.